Remembering Mankavitch

Gary K. Mankavitch: Spiritual Detective

More than twenty years have whipped by since Max Thrower and Phil Muscatello opened an Audio production house in a room in a dodgy men’s boarding house in Darlinghurst.

They called themselves “Really Really Big Productions” because they were so small.
(That’s irony for those of you up the back who aren’t keeping up.)

Phil liked it because it was two doors away from the Tropicana and Max liked it because it was above Nicholas Pounder’s bookshop.

I like it because for over a year I would spend intense bursts of time recording several characters for a radio serial written by Max called “Gary K. Mankavitch: Spiritual Detective”.  As well as the title character I had fun being a very Welsh Doubting Thomas with Jesus in Galilee, and a few other bits and pieces.

The national broadcaster, bless ’em, saw fit to broadcast the series a couple of times on ABC Radio National in 1995.

Through the porous membrane of memory I recall vocal contributions from Lee Perry, Laura Gabriel, Peter McCallum, Sascha Huckstepp, Monroe Reimers, Louise Howlett and Gennie Nevinson.

Let’s see how they have weathered the intervening storms of time.

Who killed Lazarus? … a Galilean murder mystery.

The Missing Soap Star … where is Mandy Martin, star of “Next Door”?

Mexique … Mexican con women, monasteries and James Bond spirit.

Rescuing Ralph … Gary’s mentor has gone off the rails. Is he safe?

Books … Who put Grinder’s head in the bookpress?

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