Film and Video


Some serious, some silly, some useful …  film and video productions I’ve  been involved with in some capacity.

Middle Aged
A  poem that I wrote in 1989 somehow transmogrified into this music clip. When I thought approaching 40 was getting old. Haha I laugh now. Shot on 16mm film, transferred to 1inch tape, then to VHS. Of course, the VHS copy was all I could find when it came to digital conversion, hence the fairly dodgy quality. Filmed and edited by Miriana Marusic.

Clips from Personal, Pigeonhole, Just Married, and Grace.
I worked on art direction, production design, props and pigeon wrangling on these short films by the wonderful Nicole Tanzabel.

Pimping the WheelieWalker
Playing one afternoon by the lagoon with Tony from King Tide

Bronte Rollergirls
A summer afternoon in Bronte

Street Art Berlin 2008
Slideshow of graffiti that caught my eye

When Clowns go Bad
Super 8 film by Suzy Kersey. I was a bad clown.
Music by Peter Winkler. Lyrics by Hugh Wade.
Terrible rapping by me also.


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