Strange constructs

So far in 2022

Laying the groundwork

Finished product

New exhibition from March at ArtSpace Urunga.

I have a few whacky ideas in mind. Here’s a teaser.

Projects designed and made during 2021.

Projects designed and made during 2020.
Certificate IV in Furniture Design (Coffs Harbour TAFE)

Design and make an eating implement. This is a spoon made from Leichhardt pine.
Design and make a sleek, suspended structure.
Must use four different joints and two different timbers.
Design and make a box using dovetail joints with a laminated lid, using two types of wood.
Chopping board made from three types of wood and laminated.
Three-tiered display stand. Timber leaves made from thin strips of four timbers, glued and laminated then a resin finish applied. Metal legs outsourced for bending and welding to my specs
Light made from found objects, led strip, kerfed rosewood, mirrored vinyl, plywood.

New sculptures in progress late 2017

File 13-11-2017, 1 07 39 PM

File 13-11-2017, 1 04 17 PM

File 13-11-2017, 1 03 39 PM

All gone now to new homes.

2017 ARTSURUNGA Sculpture in the Park

The Weird Thing … Highly Commended

Bent Vinyl samples

I seem to have embarked on a gentle crusade to rid the world of trashy music on vinyl by trawling op shops and second hand markets for records, which I then turn into idiosyncratic “sculptures”.

Bubbling ideas and smoky afternoons in the clearing in the forest have produced a variety of strange constructs.

If it’s clocks you’re interested in … go here

Here are some more samples and works in progress. 2016-11-12-21-09-182016-07-29-18-45-28


2015 ARTSURUNGA Sculpture in the Park

The Feral Family Festival Fun kit.



2014 Drawing on the walls of my late Mum’s house


2014 Playing with spray paint and poly foam

Polystyrene foam box for keeping salmon cold.


Filled with spare parts for planet builders



Domestic appliance packaging from suburban street



Old sign from closed hospital

random twigs and mulch, florist stuff-for-keeping-things-in-their-place, cardboard apple box, polystyrene foam, gaffer tape, aerosol paint


Foam packaging from waste skip



based on the lagoon that I looked at every day for a year,
wrapped in an old wooden TV cabinet from the 60s

Urunga Lagoon

Found objects

Strange creature made from objects found on my daily walks with Freddie the dog … mounted on recycled packaging material painted silver

Brown-nose trophy

Seeds and bottle tops

Kentia palm seeds gathered in my garden,
juxtaposed with Bionade bottle tops from Berlin drinking spots

Kentia Bionade

Found objects

toys, feathers, broken arrow, bits of fridge packaging …

shedwall piece

2 thoughts on “Strange constructs

  1. Love The Thing. Reckon my goat Boris would look good driven’ that. He loves cars and machines and he understands them to! I never had an intellectual goat before.

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