Bent Vinyl Madness

I seem to have embarked on a gentle crusade to rid the world of trashy music on vinyl by trawling op shops and second hand markets for records, which I then turn into idiosyncratic “sculptures”. Bubbling ideas and smoky afternoons in the clearing in the forest have produced a variety of strange constructs. Here are some […]

Remembering Mankavitch

Gary K. Mankavitch: Spiritual Detective More than twenty years have whipped by since Max Thrower and Phil Muscatello opened an Audio production house in a room in a dodgy men’s boarding house in Darlinghurst. They called themselves “Really Really Big Productions” because they were so small. (That’s irony for those of you up the back […]

Constantly evolving Pop-Up Gallery

It’s been a while. I must have been having fun in the corporeal world. Part of that fun has been creating the pieces on show in this short video. Feedback is always appreciated … I never know if what I make is rubbish or gold. Here’s the video … 2014 PopUpGallery … constantly evolving from […]