KitKat KitKat KitKat

From my time in Berlin during the summer of 2008 … when the Kit Kat club was a lot raunchier than it is now.

I almost blush to remember the shenanigans going on there when I visited … in the interest of cultural observation … three times.

This is the poem I wrote combining my fuzzy memories …

Kit Kat Kit Kat Kit Kat!

Kaleidoscope of psychedelia and pathos
Pinging silent through the sadness and madness

Trancing to the dance

Patterns slowly emerging
Over a timeless evening

Behaviours appear
Superficial party blur

Off-chops maiden lost to another planet
Wispily draped in satin and stars
Prey to the ancient goat
Who had her with his socks on

The public sex show couple
Same time every week
Ignored by most of the crowd
Who came for the beat and the heat

A couple of greybeard wankers
Drifting naked loony and alone
Tolerated yet marginalised by all
In a subliminal shimmering waltz

Clusters of risqué Blondies clutching purses

(So-o-o many blondes!)

Clinging to their group and smoking nervously
Eyeing bulging tattoos on sullen muscle Marys
Trying to guess their sexual bent

Lovely young bodies
Boldly pulsing bosoms and bums
Pumping arms and legs awhirl
Primitive rhythms spinning sound

Shock of daylight at the crack of noon
Fluorescent cave is dimming
Couches in great favour
Energies chilling down

Time for taxi hailing
And glasses for the sun

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