Random travel jottings

Random travel jottings   hard to think about there while immersed in here   English cops with machine guns texting at the airport food counter flip flop changes over thirty years back then Spain had armed Guardia Civil England had old, friendly and unarmed bobbies   London, England, a disappointment expensive, over-rated, under-resourced cold, rainy […]

Reflections while sleepless and restless

Introspection in the Berlin night time. Thoughts of home and comfort, travel and loneliness. Poetry & photographing things Serving as distractions of the shy From participation in the life of others Abstract data gathering of the now For sometime future presentation As observations from a past imperfect Then what’s left In the space between The […]

Berlin Impressions

On my second visit to Berlin, I was based at a friend’s house in Kreuzberg. From there I adventured forth into the unknown … back there I returned to rest and process. These are some of my clumsily remembered impressions. travelling through a data storm places, streets, buildings, people sounds, smells, shadow and light bicycles, […]

Kreuzberg Summer 2008

What a fabulous summer it was! I didn’t come here for buildings Monuments to pain and grief Shadow walls of delusion That echo disbelief I came here for the people The street life and the food For the novelty of living As a new guy in the ‘hood To struggle with a language Outside my […]

KitKat KitKat KitKat

From my time in Berlin during the summer of 2008 … when the Kit Kat club was a lot raunchier than it is now. I almost blush to remember the shenanigans going on there when I visited … in the interest of cultural observation … three times. This is the poem I wrote combining my […]