Ode to the nipple

A couple of years ago a friend set up a night of burlesque and cabaret to raise funds to support a friend with breast cancer.
She asked me to write and perform a poem on the topic … an ode to the nipple.

This is what I came up with …

It is the first thing that we seek
Whence from the womb we peek.
Blinking from our nine month nap
We blindly grope towards the tap.

Fount of Mother’s nourishing milk
Providing lifeblood smooth as silk.
While we feed as innocent tots
We stroke and grasp it lots and lots.

Alas the time one day arrives
When of its joy we are deprived.
Growing up has many woes
Worst of which is “Nipple Closed”

So it’s no wonder as we age
Focus on nipples is all the rage.
Man or woman, worst or best,
We love the feel and taste of breast.

I leave you while you drink your tipple
Trying to avoid the obvious rhyme.
That will make your giggles ripple
Through this room at party time.

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