Constantly evolving Pop-Up Gallery

It’s been a while. I must have been having fun in the corporeal world. Part of that fun has been creating the pieces on show in this short video. Feedback is always appreciated … I never know if what I make is rubbish or gold. Here’s the video … 2014 PopUpGallery … constantly evolving from […]

Urunga Slice

A few years ago, I spend a couple of years with my ageing Mum. It was the best of times and the worst of times. My family was grateful for the support of the community in the small coastal town where she lived. This is a thank you to that community. Now that I live […]

haiku one two three

trembling on a branch shards of snow fading away buds will soon appear waves crest unboarded sunlight disappears too soon cold winds kiss the sea years old tears burst free southern highway winter rain hearing sad love songs More with voice and pictures

Reflections while sleepless and restless

Introspection in the Berlin night time. Thoughts of home and comfort, travel and loneliness. Poetry & photographing things Serving as distractions of the shy From participation in the life of others Abstract data gathering of the now For sometime future presentation As observations from a past imperfect Then what’s left In the space between The […]

Berlin Impressions

On my second visit to Berlin, I was based at a friend’s house in Kreuzberg. From there I adventured forth into the unknown … back there I returned to rest and process. These are some of my clumsily remembered impressions. travelling through a data storm places, streets, buildings, people sounds, smells, shadow and light bicycles, […]

Kreuzberg Summer 2008

What a fabulous summer it was! I didn’t come here for buildings Monuments to pain and grief Shadow walls of delusion That echo disbelief I came here for the people The street life and the food For the novelty of living As a new guy in the ‘hood To struggle with a language Outside my […]

Ode to the nipple

A couple of years ago a friend set up a night of burlesque and cabaret to raise funds to support a friend with breast cancer. She asked me to write and perform a poem on the topic … an ode to the nipple. This is what I came up with … It is the first […]

When we all had hair

Out of a stony breakfast conversation with some new German friends, this poem eventually made it to the light of day. When we all had hair Our souls were younger Drugs were stronger Days were longer We thought we could change the world When we all had hair Women had hair all over Equal rights […]

Dungog by accident

First draft of my experience waiting in Dungog for three days while my spare keys took 3 days by Express Post from Valla, only three hundred k’s away. Three days! Oh, did I say that I’d lost the  keys at my annual favourite “Music Arts and Lifestyle” Festival in the glorious Barrington Tops? Disappeared down […]

Wasted words

New poem I’m working on … needs feedback to see if the rhythm and ideas make sense So many wasted words, still more struggle to be said. Endless parade of repetition, issues from the human condition. We prise fears from our psyches, turn them into marks on a page. Catharsis in ink. Discovering in the […]