Dungog by accident

First draft of my experience waiting in Dungog for three days while my spare keys took 3 days by Express Post from Valla, only three hundred k’s away. Three days!
Oh, did I say that I’d lost the  keys at my annual favourite “Music Arts and Lifestyle” Festival in the glorious Barrington Tops? Disappeared down a wormhole in the time space continuum. Nuff said!

Three nights in Dungog
Penance for lost keys
After three days of fun
By the Subsonic river

Car NRMA’d from field of play
Tall Timbers motel awaits
After phone call to owner
On his dairy farm home

Key under pot plant
Round the back somewhere
On a chair maybe near the door
Got it have you?
Number 9? Rightio.
The missus’ll see you in the morning

Gotta love the rural ways

Waiting for spare keys
Thanks to darling daughter
Express Post from Valla
Three hundred clicks away

Patience tested and doing okay
Live in the moment
Live in the moment
There is only the Now

But so bloody hot
Hot hot hot

Shorts from the op shop
Replace groovy jeans
And Blundstones
That crippled in the heat

Where are the people?
Lovely architecture
Reflecting bygone glories
But where are the people?

Plenty of drinking holes
But not for me

Cryptics, aircon and telly
Rainy Mandela farewell
Nap, doze and sleep

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