Men in Tracksuits

Another one from the vaults, reworked and updated. I have no idea what it means!

men in tracksuits tell you lies
their shadowy shades
reflect your eyes

fast talk street merchants
with brave moustaches
menace mentally into your life

immaculate misconceptions
werewolves dripping suspicion
space invaders with cell-stories
mingled whiffs of incarceration

theme intruders in your dreams
clumsy storm troopers
of the digital ages

never trust men in tracksuits
driving fast with vacant steel eyes
skimming the edges

bringing the bad boys into your life
bringing the bad boys into your life

La Donna Maria

Until about three years ago I had been living for twenty years in a small beach-side suburb not a million miles away from Bondi Beach.

This poem is an attempt to pay recognition to a wonderful woman who has been living there on the beachfront for far longer than me. Everyone is touched by her. Respect.

Enigmatic twinkling and stylish
Describable only in sound bites
She gives and receives respect
Throughout the sleepy village

Generous open-hearted and kind
Bearing pain with stoic bravery
Shares her patronage with all
Tells their futures in espresso

Defiantly on the Jarmusch diet
Air and cigarettes and coffee
Fragile and powerful at once
Links us all to a receding past

Punt Road Bus

This one I started in about 1980 when I was being a down and out unemployed actor in Melbourne. In my early thirties, the usual themes of urban alienation and confusion are apparent!

Sitting down the back of the bus
Peering through the glaring dust
Trying to get to feel and taste
What it’s like alone in the waste

Above the freeway.

Oh Collingwood
Where are your arteries?
Oh Collingwood
Where are your veins?
The demon’s armouries
Won’t free your chains

Walk along the street
Eat fast frozen meat
Join the lunchtime march

For an hour of illusion
Moomba confusion
Society’s delusion

I’m a taxi-truck aimed at your heart.

… and the Army’s on parade!

Blue Dayz

This is one from the vaults. A friend was experiencing a bad case of the blues.

I wrote this poem to share with her and others my experience of the black dog’s bite.

bull aligns with ox
projects are on hold

make dreams happen
channel abundance

survival mode sux

black dog prowls
nips at vulnerability

then bites down hard

beyond the blue daze
we look back for clues
grateful for love support
gentle kicks in the arse

triumph mode roars

happy dapper chappies
give it all to all
and it’s worth it

make dreams happen


That’s it. Two days in the rainy bush and I’ve transferred “The Cafe Village by the Sea” to this website. Text and voice. Should be fairly self explanatory on the pages.

Click on the speaker for the sound file to open in another tab, then go back to the poem tab so you can read along with me!

Apologies to my loyal friends who have lived with these poems since 2009, you must be sick of seeing them by now.

Here is where to go … The Cafe Village by the Sea and other poems  

Many many thanks to the lovely people that have been liking and reading the poems as I have been posting them. You make it worthwhile to keep on doing this.

Our Island Prince

Sitting on the sand with my evening smoke

Watching the surfers at the end of the day

Spotted the prince of the sea gliding alone on the edge

Majestic on his birthday mal in his hibiscus shorts

Brown body and glistening mane

unfettered by suited protection

So different

from the tide of darting penguin wasps surrounding him

Flipping and flopping in the churning tide

‘til they catch a wave

Then these teenage aerialists excel

like acrobats on their little boards

While the sea prince floats languidly in his element

A resplendent ocean liner surrounded by pilot boats

Waiting for a nice big fat one out along the edge