Short new poems

Centrelink glimpse

The lanyard wearing workers, bless ‘em,

Treat everyone with polite condescension.

Eerie in its carpeted quiet, the room silently screams

Sadness from many painful untold stories.

Hurt and broken people queue on a carpet strip

Wait on plastic chairs wrapped in their own despair.


Insiders/outsiders, who’s to know?

Wannabe backsliders, ready to go.

Insiders who think they’re outsiders

​​you know, bro, cool but edgy, yeah!

Try to treat them gently as you make your getaway 

Sorry man, gotta run, my brain is melting. 

Leave their delusions intact

Cover your facts

If they don’t get it, they don’t.

That’s it – just walk away.

Leave the Wallies and the loonies,

Over-smiling sociopaths

Who want to be your friend.

Not around here. Not today.

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