Back from the real world

I know that the site has been idle for four years or so, while I’ve been making things and living a life outside the interwebnet. Today I’m attempting to bring you and me up to speed with my latest projects.

Small people in odd settings

I’ve been doing these for several years now. There must be stories attached to these little scenes, but I have no idea what they are. However, it seems that people like making up their own scenarios. Which is nice.

Furniture design/construction

In 2020 I spent three days a week at my local TAFE learning how to use tools properly and how to draw properly and how to design and construct furniture. It was fabulous and I overcame a lot of fear about fast moving electric saws! Ryobi and Bunnings used up a lot of last year’s tax return, as well as the local shipping container seller.

At last my very own shed.

Here are a few of the things I came up with over the year.

First we all had to design and make a spoon from a block of wood, using hand tools … and a little bit of band saw work. Before my first go on the band saw I had nightmares of chopped fingers for three nights in a row.

Next we had to design a suspended structure using a set amount of wood, using four different joints and two different species of timber. This task coincided with Covid lockdown, so a lot of work was done at home.

Then a box with dovetail joints.

A cutting board, applying laminating technique with several different woods.

A piece of furniture of tabular design. Set this way so that we didn’t all make a coffee table!

And finally we were asked to design a light. I decided to make mine from found objects and led strips.

There is more to come but that will do for now.

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