Transplanted Outsiders

The lost Jamaican

Singing happy songs on cue

Looking for love in the wrong face

The crazy Kurdish DJ

Drinking away his name

Fitting a new one for the west

The sad Chinese artist

Slide-showing his pain-filled life

Forcing out the journey once more

The lonely Welsh poet

Brimming with charm and dry wit

Searching for meaning and belief

Uncomfortable in the antipodes

Yet no way back home

Nothing back there

Unbelonging here

Speaking through their art

The pain of their bruised hearts

… the list goes on …

Architects from Delhi

Engineers from Kabul

Therapists from Amsterdam

Mothers from Bosnia

Sisters out of Nairobi

Cab drivers from Rabat

Footballers from Ghana

… the list goes on …

Transplanted outsiders resisting rejection by the host body

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