Bent Vinyl Clocks

Now selling for (AUS)$30 plus postage. More complex ones sell for more, obviously.
Some samples below, and I can customise colours and styles to suit your requirements.

email me if interested …







email me if interested …

Bent Vinyl Madness

I seem to have embarked on a gentle crusade to rid the world of trashy music on vinyl by trawling op shops and second hand markets for records, which I then turn into idiosyncratic “sculptures”.

Bubbling ideas and smoky afternoons in the clearing in the forest have produced a variety of strange constructs.

Here are some samples and works in progress. Available soon.2016-11-12-21-09-182016-07-29-18-45-28





New address

Making life easier … so I paid a little bit of money and now you can reach these pages via a new, less clumsy website address …

Not that I have been very creative with my writing lately, more involved with creating some sculptures made from recycled stuff. One is almost ready for the ArtsUrunga Sculpture in the Park on January 17th next year.

2016Sculpture Event jpeg poster 001

If any of you will be in the Mid-North coast region of NSW at the time, it is well worth a look. There are many fine sculptors in these parts … and then there’s me with my pop art comic relief pieces!



The Answering Machine Message

A few years ago I came home and found this on my answering machine … for a wrong number. My flatmates and I cacked ourselves for weeks as we played it over and over and started to recite bits back at each other. GOLD! My mate Dan did the drawing. Turn up the volume because it was recorded quite low. LANGUAGE WARNING … lots of swearing!


Recording time

Just finished recording twenty recent poems … 19 of which I have updated on this blog, and one has gone missing … or should I say “has been temporarily misplaced”.

Ironically, its the one about me being stuck in a small country town for three days after losing my car keys after a “Music, Art and Lifestyle” festival. Enough said about Dungog.

Here is the link to the recently recorded poems.


Benighted States of Generica

Playing with words and travel observations in the world

Disunited states

New Lexicon


North Provoked’er

South Provoked’er




No Work









Industrial outskirts peppered with trailer parks
Then come the home stores
White goods furniture and lifestyle
Fast food car yards and junk

Glimpse or you miss it
There goes the town, gone
Living the Generican Dream

All over the world

Cathartic cleaning

We’ve all been here i reckon …

Cathartic cleaning
Room to room

Do I use it?
Do I like it?
Do I need it?

Boof – out it goes

Bags of linen out the door
Lots of little boy toys
Left on the nature strip

With superseded gifts
Tasteless souvenirs
And dusty reminders

Of previous pasts

They all disappear
Over several days
Off to new homes and gardens

Strangers finding joy
In finding things for free