About Hugh Wade




While waiting to see what to do when I grow up, I’ve done a couple of university degrees, been a computer programmer, taxi driver, TAFE teacher, jobsearch advisor, waiter, construction runner, production designer, props maker, actor, voiceover guy and poet …

I also like to construct installations created from discarded “stuff”, found objects and packaging material … Samples … and play with discarded polystyrene packaging and spray paint … Pop-up gallery


I have been writing poetry since 1976, when I first travelled outside Australia.

In my late twenties, the need to write was initiated by the changes of the times and adventures out in the world.

No camera, mobile phone, laptop. Just a notebook.

It was the time of travelling with the girlfriend in the Kombi van bought in Amsterdam, before setting off on the big travel plan … to drive through Europe to sunny Spain, then to Morocco and across the top of north Africa, back to Wales via Italy, Croatia etc etc .
We of course got as far as Morocco before the money ran out and we hightailed it back through the centre of Spain and landed in Cardiff after 3 months.

But that’s a story for another time!



In 2009 I organised and published my first collection of poems as a small booklet and Audio CD of my interpretations of how the poems can be read.

Poems set to music composed and played by Denny Ball and David Chambers.

Some videos and poetry-with-pictures here … www.youtube.com/thehughwade

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  1. I’d say he’s probably saying that he wants your Mo Bile. Rather than being a short way of asking for some of the vomit on your moustache, I think he’s after your phone number.

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