Without a phone

Without a phone


Without a phone first time in long time

Highlights dependence on instant communication


Across the globe

My country is now the world at large

Not just my island in the South

Where life is easy and sunny


Something about Europe has got into my blood

The languages, culture, the age of things


Easy to jet for an hour

And be in another way of seeing

Where language defines the culture

Where geography defines a city’s growth


Mountains behind Malaga

Create an ocean-hugging strip city

Where scooters are the chosen travel mode


Walls and wars and anarchy

Contribute to an ever-changing Berlin

Built for easy bicycling


Motor cars, wine and a dirty river

Make Stuttgart clean and safe

Yet crafty bohemians create dreams


In comfy cheap apartments

Beyond the rule of cool



Random travel jottings

Random travel jottings


hard to think about there

while immersed in here


English cops with machine guns

texting at the airport food counter

flip flop changes over thirty years

back then Spain had armed Guardia Civil

England had old, friendly and unarmed bobbies


London, England, a disappointment

expensive, over-rated, under-resourced

cold, rainy and miserable summer

give me Berlin or Malaga any day

comfort in Euro time and ways


mitfahrgelegenheit to Stuttgart

disentangle from car at main station

man walks past with koala on his cap


new friends offer couch for two weeks

upstairs five Chinese guys in one flat

must be industrial spies says my Schwabian friend


so quiet here at night

like no other town I know


out on the tiles dancing to techno

helped by friend of friend with treats

dancing grandpa on tour in Benztown


new little sister came into my life

seems like I’ve known for lifetimes

my artistic funny playful playmate


stuck in my heart like buttons on a sleeve

a renegade Berliner subverting the motor city

with pen and ink and crayons and paper



Reflections while sleepless and restless

Introspection in the Berlin night time.

Thoughts of home and comfort, travel and loneliness.

Poetry & photographing things
Serving as distractions of the shy
From participation in the life of others

Abstract data gathering of the now
For sometime future presentation
As observations from a past imperfect

Then what’s left
In the space between
The snapshots and the jottings?

Blissful enjoyment of the fleeting moment
Free of intellectual interface
Active engagement in shared ritual present

Shadows splashing the Tiergarten bike paths
Mad riding at night with no lights
Winding around the blurry tree trunks
Like ten year olds on speed

Walking home from a just-round-the-corner friend
European football telly everywhere for weeks
Roads a-roaring with discordant Turkish car horns
Fluttering red highlights glory to crescent and star

Buying vegies, fruit and memories
From the Dolly Parton of the Markthalle
Listening to my clumsy unfamiliar words
Helping me with my change

Family picnic Sundays
With a complexity of kin
Buzzing along the bike paths
Singing a song as we sailed along