Understanding “sweet sorrow”

Ah, love and loss and heart ache. Where would poets be without it! Better now thanks. Twenty year old poem that still works, I think. Feel free to shoot me down in flames if needed. She’s gone Through the aperture A last glimpse Then She’s gone Tears at the airport Happy kind of crying Home […]

Sad smiling Aphrodite

An attempt at a poem in the referential academic style. You know, like the consumptive poets of previous centuries who seemed to have to make classical allusions in their poems. Taking the piss, really. But it is a kind of love poem. Returning home to no Penelope I’m no Agamemnon Armageddon leaves me for dead […]

Facebook Lover

I called her my Facebook lover We flirted and hugged with a mouse No messy sharing of fluids Safe in my room in my house No dining or going to movies No talking of womanly dreams No curtains or shelves from Ikea No bloody relationship scenes Just Scrabble and fish tanks and gardens Pirates and […]