Without a phone

Without a phone


Without a phone first time in long time

Highlights dependence on instant communication


Across the globe

My country is now the world at large

Not just my island in the South

Where life is easy and sunny


Something about Europe has got into my blood

The languages, culture, the age of things


Easy to jet for an hour

And be in another way of seeing

Where language defines the culture

Where geography defines a city’s growth


Mountains behind Malaga

Create an ocean-hugging strip city

Where scooters are the chosen travel mode


Walls and wars and anarchy

Contribute to an ever-changing Berlin

Built for easy bicycling


Motor cars, wine and a dirty river

Make Stuttgart clean and safe

Yet crafty bohemians create dreams


In comfy cheap apartments

Beyond the rule of cool



Berlin Impressions

On my second visit to Berlin, I was based at a friend’s house in Kreuzberg.

From there I adventured forth into the unknown … back there I returned to rest and process.

These are some of my clumsily remembered impressions.

travelling through a data storm

places, streets, buildings, people
sounds, smells, shadow and light
bicycles, bicycles, bicycles

look left then look right

stories friends have told me
images I can’t forget
like a girl with false moustache
robbing banks as a man

trying to meet the moroccan
takes up several days
even with three shared tongues
communication has delays

aimless stoned cycling – lovely!

stumbled onto the footy fanmeile

brandenburg gate a coke ad
football fans a coloured swirl
ferris wheel, food stalls, souvenirs
big screen primed for germany v turkey

overcast friday in kreuzberg
melancholy september day
anniversaries of failure
memories of love gone sour

better days arrive, of course
bathed in synchronicity

“no one ever steps
in the same river twice”

read this well-known saying
three times in the same week
twice in books
once in a graveyard

sunny sunny daze are long
twilight glows ‘til nine or ten
breeze enough for comfort
cool as this fabulous town