The Video Diaries

Erudite, fanciful nonsense, set in Ancient Rome.

SERIES ONE – The Animal Scammus

In which our hero, Video, investigative journalist for the “Roman Daily Express”  uncovers a plot to force up the price of animals for the Coliseum.

With the help of his daughter Peculia, a time-travelling French fop called Quai and Addictus, a dealer in all things, Video chases the corruption to the top of the Roman ruling elite.

Written, produced and performed by Peter Sumner & Hugh Wade.

Sound effects and music background by MAX THROWER.

Additional voices from the terminally smooth Robbie McGregor and others whose names escape me for the (senior) moment … and of course the inimitable Ms Anna Steen as all the small boys, women and girls in Rome over a mix of nebulous time zones.

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

SERIES TWO – Stonehenge or Bust

In this series, Video, Quai and an Indian guru called Memo, encounter many strange characters and adventures in their search for the plans for Nero’s New Rome. They travel across the old world as far as Stonehenge in their search for the mysterious Druid Dan.

Audio Production by MAX THROWER

Written and produced by HUGH WADE and PETER SUMNER

Hugh Wade
Video, Addictus, Quay Maliponce, Jecklus, Lapin seller, Finn McCool

Peter Sumner
Rat seller, Jewish father, Brutus, Gaul, Creosote (King of Theroad), Massilia Customs, French waiter, Lamington Plate, Driver, Ship Captain, Mickey, Erectus

Anna Steen
Jewish daughter, Ammonia (Queen of Gaul), Chintzia, Peculia

Lucy Suze Taylor
Noodle seller, Agrippa (Mother of Nero), Mrs Ah Pew, Salmonella, Boaderica, Dragula, Post boy, Waitress

Paul Alexander Wooden-toothed beggar

Paul (PJ) Johnstone
Fish seller, Gonzales, Praetor of Corsica, Denarius Brucus, Quasimodo, El Bongo, Hecklus, Da Gaul, Mechanicus, Druid Dan

Robbie McGregor
Ralph, Hamilcar the Hearty, Centurion, Grossus, Krug, Compere, Rupereck the Meek, Horseman

Luke Sumner Nero, Xerox, Memo

Pat Powell Club Announcer

Max Thrower Station Master

Patrick Frost Stumpus, Kreblock

Monroe Reimers Valerie

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

Episode Eleven

Episode Twelve

Episode Thirteen

Episode Fourteen

Episode Fifteen

Episode Sixteen

Episode Seventeen

Episode Eighteen

Episode Nineteen

Episode Twenty

Episode Twenty One

Episode Twenty Two

Episode Twenty Three

Episode Twenty Four

Episode Twenty Five


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