Hibernation hiatus

Well, the Tea and Sympathy exhibition went well. Not only did 17 knitted chooks, eleventeen knitted teacosies and some wonderful paintings and sculptures get bought, but also four or five of my silly scenes in a tea cup! Now I’ve moved onto scenes in interesting glassware. Then a friend gave me hundreds of small plastic […]

New address

Making life easier … so I paid a little bit of money and now you can reach these pages via a new, less clumsy website address … hughwade.com Not that I have been very creative with my writing lately, more involved with creating some sculptures made from recycled stuff. One is almost ready for the […]

I’m an idiot!

DOH! Just found out how to embed a media player in the page with the poems, so you don’t have to open another page with the sound file. We live we learn we improve we hope Good night nurse!

Rain delay at Bellerive

Here’s a nice game I played a month or so ago. A bunch of words that seem vaguely Shakespearean and a large white fridge. Inhale. Play. This is what I came up with. Given enough poetic license, I suspect any combination would sound profound. That is all.


That’s it. Two days in the rainy bush and I’ve transferred “The Cafe Village by the Sea” to this website. Text and voice. Should be fairly self explanatory on the pages. Click on the speaker for the sound file to open in another tab, then go back to the poem tab so you can read […]