I’m an idiot!

DOH! Just found out how to embed a media player in the page with the poems, so you don’t have to open another page with the sound file. We live we learn we improve we hope Good night nurse!

Recording time

Just finished recording twenty recent poems … 19 of which I have updated on this blog, and one has gone missing … or should I say “has been temporarily misplaced”. Ironically, its the one about me being stuck in a small country town for three days after losing my car keys after a “Music, Art […]

Benighted States of Generica

Playing with words and travel observations in the world Disunited states New Lexicon Inertia North Provoked’er South Provoked’er Flurryda Maim Correctyagut No Work Alreadygone Cantaffordya Michigone Illofnoise Taxes Loserana Vaginia Tendency Industrial outskirts peppered with trailer parks Then come the home stores White goods furniture and lifestyle Fast food car yards and junk Glimpse or […]