Men in Tracksuits

Another one from the vaults, reworked and updated. I have no idea what it means! men in tracksuits tell you lies their shadowy shades reflect your eyes fast talk street merchants with brave moustaches menace mentally into your life immaculate misconceptions werewolves dripping suspicion space invaders with cell-stories mingled whiffs of incarceration theme intruders in […]

La Donna Maria

Until about three years ago I had been living for twenty years in a small beach-side suburb not a million miles away from Bondi Beach. This poem is an attempt to pay recognition to a wonderful woman who has been living there on the beachfront for far longer than me. Everyone is touched by her. […]

Punt Road Bus

This one I started in about 1980 when I was being a down and out unemployed actor in Melbourne. In my early thirties, the usual themes of urban alienation and confusion are apparent! Sitting down the back of the bus Peering through the glaring dust Trying to get to feel and taste What it’s like […]

Once pretty

I’ve been trawling through old notebooks and found some old poems to rework. Here is one I quite like for its observation and simplicity. once pretty her pinched & harrowed ghost still lingers in flashes as she guides the innocent push-chair child through the busy urban footpath