That’s it. Two days in the rainy bush and I’ve transferred “The Cafe Village by the Sea” to this website. Text and voice. Should be fairly self explanatory on the pages. Click on the speaker for the sound file to open in another tab, then go back to the poem tab so you can read […]

Our Island Prince

Sitting on the sand with my evening smoke Watching the surfers at the end of the day Spotted the prince of the sea gliding alone on the edge Majestic on his birthday mal in his hibiscus shorts Brown body and glistening mane unfettered by suited protection So different from the tide of darting penguin wasps […]


Speeding towards fifty Trying really hard to avoid patterns from my past Half-read Mars & Venus learning how to listen without calls to action talking through feelings listening to her needs Opted for commitment Then – WHAM – out of the blue live across the wires across the ocean She’s got another playmate so I’m […]

Facebook Lover

I called her my Facebook lover We flirted and hugged with a mouse No messy sharing of fluids Safe in my room in my house No dining or going to movies No talking of womanly dreams No curtains or shelves from Ikea No bloody relationship scenes Just Scrabble and fish tanks and gardens Pirates and […]

Elegy for Nick

On the road in the white bubble Moving on from the wake Onward to Victoria Duties as a Mum’n’Dad in one Off with a darling daughter To flirt with wedding dresses Rituals condensing Reflecting The pace and manner of our time New love back in town waiting With promise of summer fun My mate Nick’s […]

Mr Walker Unplugged

ghost who walks woke from his wasted daze ripped out rusty sheds with pain in his heart shedding pounds along with idle dreams in the fellowship of other drifting phantoms learning yearning safe on an island of day at a time strength to recover spirit aquiver twinned with another a glowing growing healing woman sparkling […]


My sister said to me; “Hughie, look what you’ve started. Amateur poets spinning verses on the net, A new kind of Spam – Spoems!” What a lovely concept! Can’t be bad methinks If by accident A portal has opened up For folks to express their pain and joy Through this electronic playground For a poem […]

Thanks Erica

Thanks Erica for opening my eyes & mind with “Fear of Flying” bringing me closer to my sisters – literal & lateral back in ’98 “Fear of Fifty” found me a forty-niner brewing over fifty and all it signifies serendipity took me into a bookshop where you leapt off the shelf with your mid-life memoir […]