Without a phone

Without a phone   Without a phone first time in long time Highlights dependence on instant communication   Across the globe My country is now the world at large Not just my island in the South Where life is easy and sunny   Something about Europe has got into my blood The languages, culture, the […]

Random travel jottings

Random travel jottings   hard to think about there while immersed in here   English cops with machine guns texting at the airport food counter flip flop changes over thirty years back then Spain had armed Guardia Civil England had old, friendly and unarmed bobbies   London, England, a disappointment expensive, over-rated, under-resourced cold, rainy […]

Poetry Car

For a few years, during the late Naughties I guess, I made the doors of my Nissan Micra available to passers by as a place for poetry. I provided a random bunch of magnetic words, some prosaic and some poetic, and put a few together to start the ball rolling. Funnily enough, apart from a […]

Counting down in Vancouver

After four and a half months in Europe, and ten days in Toronto, I was almost ready to go home. Caught my breath, rested up with dear friends in a Vancouver high-rise and sightsaw for a week. Then flyaway home.   The approach of journey’s end Strange Being in English speaking world After months of […]