KitKat KitKat KitKat

From my time in Berlin during the summer of 2008 … when the Kit Kat club was a lot raunchier than it is now. I almost blush to remember the shenanigans going on there when I visited … in the interest of cultural observation … three times. This is the poem I wrote combining my […]

When clowns go bad …

More than twenty years ago my friend Susi wanted to make a short film using an old Super 8 film camera. So she made this, about three naughty clowns who wreck a kid’s party and are hunted down and brought to  justice by the Clown Control agents. Very silly and suuuch fun! Dodgy quality but […]

Ode to the nipple

A couple of years ago a friend set up a night of burlesque and cabaret to raise funds to support a friend with breast cancer. She asked me to write and perform a poem on the topic … an ode to the nipple. This is what I came up with … It is the first […]

When we all had hair

Out of a stony breakfast conversation with some new German friends, this poem eventually made it to the light of day. When we all had hair Our souls were younger Drugs were stronger Days were longer We thought we could change the world When we all had hair Women had hair all over Equal rights […]